This is what I do instead of studying for my USTET. :”) HOLY WALLS OF TEXT AHEAD.

ABS-CBN (Jaime Alto) is an all-around good guy - or at least, he means to be. He might think he’s helping, but he’s still a bourgeoisie deep down like the other major channels and will never fully know what it’s like to be one of the masses. He is the oldest and wasn’t used to being with so much company before, since he was born out of the need for the Philippines’ technological development. He could be a bit of a douche sometimes (always joking about his “”“ABS”“”), but he tells great stories and is friends with virtually everyone (except GMA and “frenemy”, TV5). He is also quite patriotic. He is Studio 23’s older brother.

GMA (Gaile Marie “Siete” Lopez Agbayani) is a hardcore activist and budding heroine. She uses her skills in communication, video taking and editing, and photography to capture the “Face of her Nation”, particularly images of the poor. The more she tries to be “hip” and tell stories like ABS, the more she becomes less herself and somewhat garish. However, she shines in coming up with things that are uniquely hers. She seems to know a lot about being upper-class, as she tends to set her stories in upper-class environments. She is also quite patriotic, but still unconsciously depends on the approval of foreigners to be proud of her own work. 

Studio 23 (Lucio Alto) is more popularly known as ABS’s younger brother. However, he’s made a name for himself as the “youthful” channel after a childhood of being a more spoiled, American-educated version of his kuya. These days, he has an unhealthy obsession with Asia-pop, and, like his bro, strives to become a really proud Pinoy. Even if he is still attached to foreign things.

After TV5 (Joaquin V. Kinse, formerly ABC-5) renewed his image from an overly-formal American knockoff, sports enthusiast and news provider, he thinks he’s a major competitor to the others when really, he was doing fine on his own as someone doing things differently. Now he’s catching up with the youth, and, being ABS-CBN’s self-proclaimed “frenemy”, is taking all his friends, too. Nobody takes him as seriously as he thinks they do, however, since he’s yet to prove his decision in taking an all-new route.


The “Solar Sisters” ETC and Second Avenue, the former a tween and the latter a quintessential “working woman”, both successfully keeping up with the times even if it means mooching off of the American culture. They’re trying to make their way up patriotically, though, as they’ve continually been expressing some interest in the Philippine fashion, art, and music scene.

QTV, GMA’s workaholic yet trendy younger sister. She likes things fast, and is something of a techie compared to GMA, who is yet to catch up to the Twitter scene (although she’s doing quite well).

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